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Personalized Designs for each Brand

We provide design recommendations based on the concept and the needs of target consumer groups of every brand. We respect each client’s unique characteristics and provide designs that are consistent with the brand's image.

Sales Driven Design

We analyze sales data of the industry over shorter and longer periods to derive patterns of market demand when providing design recommendations to our clients. We use sales tracking data, attention to media coverage, focus groups, and other means of ascertaining consumer preferences to provide feedback to clients about the type and quantity of goods to be produced. We also offer VMD functions to boost sales.

Market Trend Prediction and Promotion

We are collecting data over the fashion world to actualize the industry trend. We analyze the subtle differences of products developed for each city to create products that meet the common demands. Also, we rely on our influence in the fashion industry to promote the realization of trend prediction to make sure our design meets the market demand and makes a solid foundation for the client's ultimate accomplishment in sales.


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