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Development in the US Market

Development in the US Market

E&J is a full-service group that provides fashion companies with the resources necessary to strategically develop and manage sophisticated omnichannel solutions. As a global company, we strive to help more fashion companies break through the bottleneck, establish strong sales confidence with actual data, and maximize profits.

Logo Design


The United States is unlike anywhere else in the world. The market has hit maturity, and brands are no longer able to blandly “sell” their products and services to consumers. Personality and brand image now reign supreme. Depending on its successful experience in helping brands grow in Japan, with access to big data industry research, major trade publications, forecasting reports, demographic reports, periodicals, E&J will assist American fashion brands in establishing their names to consumer markets, seeking market opportunities, and navigating the diverse consumption culture and social norms throughout the country.

Digital Sketching


Smart e-commerce deployment and successful marketing is now an essential part of any brand who wishes to increase revenue consistently in the following decades. E-commerce accounts for over 10% of retail sales in the USA, and that figure continues to grow at a rate of over 15% annually. E&J helps brands plan, develop, and deploy state-of-the-art USA e-commerce platforms to promote their fashion business through all major online channels, including social media, search engines, blogs, online communities, and news publications. E&J helps brands optimize their platforms by leveraging years of accumulated big-data analytics, competitive intelligence tools, and expert qualitative assessment to create and test practical plans based on key performance indicators.

Black and White Creative Desk


Fashion brands require lots of creative work. Every creative asset must maintain a high level of artistic quality and understand the needs of the market to promote the brand at hand. E&J helps brands conceptualize and develop all creative assets necessary to display their products and portray a precisely-crafted identity. Our in-house creative team understands the complexity of creative markets and adapts their creative skill sets to craft unique fashion imagery for any desired brand image. Our team handles all creative tasks like product design, fashion display design, e-commerce design and development, media outreach, and social media marketing to create a consistent new beauty for our clients.

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