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Customized Materials


Developing Original Raw Materials
We focus on creating new supply chains, developing original raw materials, and weaving threads using our knowledge to produce high-quality products at more favorable prices.

Overseas Production Management

Our China company, Shanghai EJ Corporation Co., Ltd. arranges a network of raw materials and accessories for overseas factories, provides reliable management, operation, and production abilities for overseas manufacturing. 

Quality Control Management

We cooperate with Kaken and other national inspection agencies to conduct third party inspection of each of our products. We further establish a unique quality control process based on the product category and third party inspection feedback to achieve zero defects. 

Reducing Manufacturing Costs and Quick Response Service

We provide products that match our clients’ needs by negotiating the production bases, costs, and delivery deadlines.  Our strengths include cost competitiveness and quick response based on our capabilities to provide everything from raw materials to production solutions for the fast-paced fashion markets.

Manufacturing Extension in Southeast Asia・ASEAN Countries
Since October 2013, we have started producing knitted and jersey products in Cambodia, Myanmar, and other Southeast Asia countries to reduce labor and other manufacturing costs.

Quality Control

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