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Green Texture

 Imagine, Innovate, Create 

Message from President

E&J represents initials of my and my husband's name, EMIRI, and JEORGE. It also represents our vision of joint entrepreneurship. JEORGE is a famous fashion designer who has won the Fashion Design Award. I founded this company together with my husband in 2001, after completing my graduation in international trade. We combined our fashion and marketing expertise to endure many storms and market changes over the years. Our Japanese company boasts of unprecedented growth in sales and profits for 15 consecutive years. Our product department exhibits diverse characteristics to carry out processing and development for multiple brands with diverse pricing and time to market needs. We manage our clients' product development and quality needs with the mirage of manufacturers in several countries. Our clients range from serving world-class brands that strive for excellence to fast fashion brands that need a quick response. Our mission is to create innovative fashion products serving the unique needs of the generation. We consider these disruptions as opportunities to further deepen relationships with our business partners by helping them respond to market demands.

Emiri Miyanaga

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